We welcome all newcomers to our meetings, whether you are new to SAA, or just visiting from out of town. We know the courage it takes walking into these rooms for the first time. All of us here were in your shoes at one time.
You will find that each meeting is a little bit different. It is our sincerest hope that you find what you are looking for.

Which meeting is right for me?

Men-Only, Women-Only, or Mixed Meetings: Most SAA meetings are mixed meetings, meaning that the meetings are open to all individuals, regardless of gender, who are interested in recovering from addictive sexual behavior. Some meetings decide to segregate themselves by gender in order to make the meeting a safe place for their attendees to recover from their addictive sexual behavior. Because of the nature of this addiction, some members only feel safe attending single gender meetings. We respect this need.

Closed versus Open Meetings: Closed Meetings are intended only to those individuals who have a desire to stop their addictive sexual behavior. A closed meeting welcomes all those seeking recovery, but is intended for partners, friends, or other curious parties. Open Meetings are open to anyone interested in finding out about SAA; those who attend need not have admitted that their own sexual behavior is a problem. In the Toledo area, most of our meetings are closed.

About SAA

SAA is a 12 Step program adapted from AA for men and women who seek recovery from compulsive or inappropriate sexual behavior. We make no judgments about sexual preference and are not affiliated with any other group or organization. Though we emphasize the spiritual nature of recovery, we do not support or oppose any particular faith or religion. We maintain strict confidentiality and anonymity in order to encourage openness and honesty. You are not required to state you are a sex addict or to speak at all, though many find it freeing to do so. We recommend you attend this or other meetings six times before making a decision as to whether you will benefit from this program. A list of Toledo-area meetings can be found on this website.

Welcome Letter

Download a copy of our welcome letter.

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